What I Do



What I Do

You have a whale of an idea, but you’re having trouble telling others how your product or service works and, more importantly, benefits them.

Getting to the nub of your offering and making that connection with clients will drive your business’s growth.

I’ll show you how to cut through the clutter and really make an impact.



I offer a wide range of creative, consultancy and content-producing services, including Corporate Training.

Writing catchy names, slogans and taglines for your product or service (I’ve written thousands of headlines over the years on both sides of the Atlantic for tabloids and broadsheets from the Irish Sun to The Salt Lake Tribune).

Crafting crisp, clear copy that gets to the point (I’ve edited thousands of stories at those newspapers and cut them down to size. I’ve also written radio scripts for top presenters in RTE.)

Mapping out the content of your website in a logical fashion so that you can help visitors become clients. (I have a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing from the Digital Marketing Insititiute).

Writing web content that helps build confidence and trust between buyer and seller.

Finding the stories that make your business unique and encourage readers to invest their time – and hard-earned money – in it.

Shaping press releases for print, broadcast and websites that get to the heart of what’s new about your product or service.

I present to groups on the fascinating history of how stories work, why we tell them – and how this can be applied to getting customers on board for your offering.

I offer Corporate Training that, among other things, shows participants great examples of website content and storytelling ads from all over the world that truly engage their target audiences.

I also help start-ups refine their pitch to potential investors.


I offer competitive rates.
You can email me at brian@storiesforbiz.com
(or use the Contact page)

Call/text me at 085 136 9779 (within Ireland)

(Ireland's country code is 353 for overseas calls)